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Acatenango Volcano 4×4 Jeep Tour

Acatenango Volcano 4×4 Jeep Tour by Mayan Outdoors

If you want to experience the beauty of Acatenango and Fuego Volcano and for personal or health reasons you are not able to hike we can offer you an alternative option. Our 4×4 jeep tour takes adventure seekers up Acatenango Volcano to a point near to the campsites. This type of tour removes many strenuous sections of the hike for a more comfortable experience to view the sights and sounds of Fuego Volcano.

For many people, this hike is seen as secondary to the cobblestone streets of Antigua, but for us it is a MUST for anyone who passes through. This promises to be one of the best tours you do on your trip. This challenging but beautiful trek takes you up one of the highest Volcanoes in Guatemala where you will camp at almost 4,000m with a spectacular view of the very active Volcano Fuego.

We work with the local community, we have 14 amazing guides that are certified by INGUAT (Local Tourism Office in Guatemala) By doing the trek with us you are contributing to the development of La Soledad since the trek is the main source of income for a lot of families in this area.

Our tour includes:

Equipment (Cabin, sleeping bag, mat) BLANKET – PILLOWS – SHARED CABINS
Guides (all our guides are local we are very proud to work with them and help the community of La Soledad, since the trek is a big source of income for them)
Lunch – dinner and breakfast
Jacket – hat and gloves are included in the price.
Entrance fee to the park included
Please note that if you want to go ahead and do the Fuego Hike that has an extra cost of Q200.
You have to pay this directly to the Mayan Outdoors during the hike, if the weather is not appropriate the guides might suggest not to go ahead with the hike.
You are welcome to use our storage room at Flore Hostel if you need to leave things behind
In the gallery section you are able to see photos of jeeps, pickup trucks and campsite from Mayan Outdoors.

Things that you need to bring

Warm clothes (we have jackets, gloves and hats for rental at the hostel) / the temperature at night is between 2 to 5 degrees Celsius.
4 liters of water.
Extra snacks, some nuts or chocolate for extra energy.
Flashlight for the morning hike to the crater.
Medium backpack (we have them for rental at the hostel).

1st day

11:00 am Pick up for the hostel that you are staying. 
12:00 pm  Arrival at the starting point where the clothing items needed will be given to the customers. 
13:00 Tour starts in the 4×4 vehicle. Takes 2 hours to get to the campsite.
  At the end of the 4×4 trail there is a 45 min walk, the intensity of this walk is medium low level. Please note that the time provided would depend on the speed of the group. And the intensity of the walk will depend in the condition of each individual customer.
   Enjoy the views from the campsite. Fuego Hike is optional for an extra cost of Q200 quetzales. You pay this fee directly to the guide.


2nd day

4:00AM We have an early start, so don’t stay up too late or drink too much wine over the camp fire. Our final push to the crater for sunrise. We leave our tents and all our gear at camp, all you’ll need to carry to the top is a torch, some water and most importantly, your camera to capture the spectacular sunrise.
5:00/6:00AM Enjoy the sunrise at almost 4,000m
6:00/10AM Back to campsite arrange your personal items, start hiking back to the start point where you will get a natural drink.
12AM-1PM Back at the hostel, you are welcome to use our showers.

If you would like to request any extra items that are not included in the tour, please let us know in advance so we can inquire with the agency if they have them available.

The agency has the following items available 

  • Backpacks
  • Flashlight
  • Walking sticks 


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Please Note:

This is not a tour of Flore Hostel.

Cancellation policy of 48 hours is mandatory by the agency Mayan Outdoors.

If there is any refund request must be done directly with Mayan Outdoors.

Any suggestions about the tour must be done directly with the agency providing the service. Flore will assist with communication, however Flore Hostel is not responsible for the tour.

Acatenango Volcano 4×4 Jeep Tour


This challenging but beautiful trek takes you up one of the highest Volcanoes in Guatemala where you will camp at almost 4,000m with a spectacular view of the very active Volcano Fuego.

Please book 24 hours in advance

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